Going to a conference is always an opportunity for learning... sometimes a conference can be inspirational as well... this year's ISTE conference was a lot of both for me. I learned a lot about educational technologies and a lot about me.

I am inspired by the energy and commitment of colleagues I met at this conference, those I already knew from online experiences, those I knew from "real world" experiences, and those I was meeting for the very first time. There were so many people who inspire me to work harder to help others to learn to use technologies in wise and powerful ways with heart.

I know that taking risks, stepping out of one's comfort zone is what I am asking other educators to do... Try something new. Do something a new way when the old way WAS good enough. It was like a clock ticking in my head last night... take risks... take risks... take risks...
So, time for me to step up. Hence, this blog.

I have not had a blog, ever.

I have doubts. Do I have enough to say? Will anyone read it? Will it be one of those blogs which is really a journal to oneself, no readers, no comments? Will I be able to be disciplined enough to keep it up long term? Does any of this matter? I will give it a try... I will find a voice... will my voice find an ear? I don't know, but maybe it is more about risk taking right now, and maybe being useful, helpful, entertaining, or inspirational to others will be a benefit along the way.