What others are saying about Gail...


Reflecting on Embedded Professional Development:

"Just wanted to let you know that you lit the fire under me and I have gone technology crazy in my room (at least for me)." - a participant in embedded professional development

"It was wonderful to have someone join our campus and give us ideas as well as letting us know what was working. It also helped to not leave the campus or worry about getting subs so teachers could get help. This is a wonderful way to teach the teachers and get them excited about implementing technology into their classrooms."  - a classroom teacher in embedded professional development

"Gail is an exceptional instructor.  She has the drive and confidence to make you want to learn more things and do better.  She is always very sure that we can accomplish anything (even if we don't believe it at times)"  - classroom teacher participating in embedded professional development

"I found it very helpful. It was great to have someone there just to answer questions and show you new things. It was like having your own personal tutor." 

classroom teacher with embedded professional development

"Gail's ideas sparked my creativity and got me interested in adding more technology into my lessons when possible." - classroom teacher, math specialist with embedded professional development

"Gail was so helpful and willing to help....she was enthusiastic and interested in lessons being taught......was great about finding helpful web sites that I could use with my classes"classroom teacher, embedded professional development

Reflecting on Workshops and other Presentations:

"I heard the last half of your presentation at the ASCD Conference (sorry I missed the beginning), and was very taken with it. In all my years, lots of ‘em, I’d never heard a crowd respond so enthusiastically to a speaker, all warranted." - an attendee at ASCD

"Excellent collection of tools - but the insightful comments were essential! Terrific!" - an attendee at ASCD

"Keep up your inspirational workshops!!  Even after teaching 
Kindergarten for 34 years, there is always something new to learn!

Thanks so much!!" - a FETC conference participant

"I really liked your humor and the comfort you have with explaining how to use the tools with young children" - ASCD attendee


"Wonderful - if I had to leave the conference after this first session, it would still be worth it!" - Midwest Education Technology Conference participant

"Fabulous ideas. I can't wait to use them!" 

- Midwest Education Technology Conference participant


"I changed from another workshop and spent $100 of my own money to do so. It was totally worth it!"

- NECC Workshop participant



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