I  have played a role in educational product development both formally and informally for more than 20 years.

In the 1980's I worked as a consultant to Disney in the development of their first educational technology catalog, and worked on the development of Logo-related products and services for other companies as well.

In the 1990's I assisted in the refinement of product support materials for products such as MayaQuest and Galapagos Quest from Classroom Connect.

More recently I have worked as a writer and leader on the content creation for a middle school online math product and as a consultant on a language arts product. I have worked with hardware companies to refine their products, materials, and messages to educators. I have also served in a consultative role in the development of home-focused educational products as well as those educational products targeting the school market.

I serve officially and unofficially on the Education Advisory Board for several Web 2.0 companies and App developers for Education and have provided guidance to others. I have been a judge for the Codies Awards for educational software for several years ( http://www.siia.net/codies ).

My work is recognized as relevant and practical and reflecting the "voice of the classroom teacher".