Sample Topics and Recent Sessions

Connect the Dots…Use the Internet to Help Young Learners Learn

www dot this… www dot that… the Internet provides a wide variety of resources and tools. How does a digital immigrant teacher “connect the dots” and help 4 to 8 year old digital natives use online resources and tools for learning?  This session will focus on free online tools and resources which can help teachers teach young learners to read, write, do math, and think deeply without losing sight of the curriculum.

Web Wonders

Web sites which provide tools and resources to help teacher in elementary grades teach.

More than "Say Cheese" - Using Digital Cameras in the Elementary Classroom

How digital cameras can provide great learning opportunities in the classroom. Creating materials, documenting growth, providing tools to students and teachers for learning... so many things we can do with digital cameras!

Hidden Treasures and Tools - Using Microsoft Office in the Classroom

Using the tools built into Word, PowerPoint and Excel to create learning materials or to provide learning opportunities to students... remember the things you forgot Word can do and learn new ways to use PowerPoint and Excel to your advantage.


Make it and Take It 2.0 – Make Your Own Wiki and Website TODAY!

 Make a wiki and a website – easy, fast, powerful, FUN! Interesting examples, powerful tools, free resources and 2 new sites, all in just 3 hours!